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Christopher Bean - Serial Entrepreneur | Technology Developer | Advisor | Board Member | Mentor who is passionate about Clean Energy, Disruptive Technologies, Climate Change & Environmental Sustainability

Serial Entrepreneur | Technology Developer | Advisor | Board Member | Mentor

There is a well-known saying, ‘Knowledge is power.’ But I would say this quote is over-simplified. It is how knowledge is used that steers people in a better direction. Using knowledge in a collaborative manner and finding those who can bolster one’s position or project can be of great benefit.

For centuries, practical and theoretical knowledge was transferred from mentor to mentee or from expert to apprentice. Unfortunately, during the 21st century, there was a change in attitude.  Competition and secrecy were held in higher esteem, and collaborative efforts were diminished in the business world. This is unfortunate, as the transfer of knowledge and expertise is of great importance in running a successful company or NGO. The power of change, after all, only happens through the knowledge we gain.

And yet, how does one find individuals willing to collaborate and share their knowledge? How do we acquire knowledge to make our businesses better or to solve global problems such as climate change, clean energy, environmental sustainability, and social inequality?

Looking back on my 30 years in business (building several businesses and successfully exiting), I often think of how much easier things would have been if I’d had either a mentor and advisor or a team of board members with industry-specific expertise – especially during those first years. If I’d had a mentor with expertise far above my own, many lessons that I learned through trial and error could have been learned much faster. My businesses might have run more effectively and economically, and perhaps we would have reached our goals and mission in a shorter time.

You see, you don’t have to be an expert in everything. As a young entrepreneur, or NGO or tech startup founder, you might think that you need to be and do everything, and be available 24/7. But the truth is we can’t be all things in our enterprises. Wearing multiple hats and trying to be a jack-of-all-trades does not work well in the long term for anyone who wants to change the world for the better and create an impact.

To get to the top, and to play the A-game with the bigger players in your industry, you need to be completely honest with yourself about what you are good at and stick with that. Furthermore, you need to know how to hire team members with expertise and integrity to handle the rest. Putting together a quality team, from employees to your board members, can make or break your enterprise.

Once I started working with people in my team who were experts, running the business was far easier. I didn’t have to worry about taking care of things I had no knowledge of, while I could continue to focus on my strengths and ensure I developed these to the benefit of my team and company. The success of my businesses, such as ALLTEC – a multi-million-dollar company that I built and recently exited – was due to the strength and expertise of each team member. As an entrepreneur, two of the most valuable things you will ever do for your enterprise is knowing when to ask for help and, secondly, working with the right people.

If I knew then what I know now, and you asked me what I would have done differently 30 years ago, it would be finding a mentor or advisor who had the knowledge, experience, and skills that I didn’t have. Having one or two people who know more than you, and who have years of experience, can make all the difference. As humans, we learn best from others.

I’m passionate about leaving the world a better place than I found it. It troubles my soul to look around me every day and see how our natural world is being devastated. And though I know that finance, commerce, and global trade are all necessities for us to provide for our families, I also know that if we worked together as a human race, we wouldn’t have to go about destroying what gives us life. There has to be a better way!

By working together and sharing our knowledge and experience, I believe we can create the technology and find solutions to most of our global problems. 

If you are equally passionate about clean energy, climate change, environmental sustainability, and the development of disruptive technology that benefits our planet, I would love to hear from you. Connect with me if you are interested in a business relationship, wish to develop technology with a positive global impact, or need a mentor to help you in your company or NGO. I'm also open to serving on your board of directors.




Reach out to Christopher for collaboration within the clean energy, disruptive technology, climate change, and environmental sustainability industries.


With over 30-years’ experience in creating successful, multi-million-dollar businesses, the development of disruptive technology with a global focus, and success as a serial entrepreneur, innovator, mentor, advisor, and dedicated business partner, you’ll find Christopher Bean a bold leader who leads from the front lines.

He is a distinguished Edmund Hillary Fellow who serves with other fellows to find solutions to humanity’s most difficult problems, and the proud father of two boys. It is for these two boys that he is working so hard so that they may have a future and legacy to be proud of.

Christopher is also known as an emerging leader within clean energy that addresses global problems and environmental sustainability. He is currently the CEO and Co-Founder of REVOLUTION Turbine Technologies, a ground-breaking new technology powering remote locations, and cutting carbon dioxide emissions.

Through his passion for creating solutions to global problems, and his dedication to empowering others through mentorship and consulting, you can benefit from his wealth of expertise, knowledge, business acumen, and insight.

As Christopher often says: “I believe that through sharing knowledge, we have the power to change the world! The power of change, after all, lies within the knowledge we gain.”

Connect with Christopher today for mentorship, advice, business partnerships, technology development, or to serve on your board of directors.


July 2019 - Present

Fellow - Cohort 5 (Karamu)

The Edmund Hillary Fellowship brings world class entrepreneurs and investors together in New Zealand to catalyze positive change for the world. This work is motivated by the urgent social and environmental challenges the world faces, but also the nprecedented opportunity the tools of entrepreneurship provide. We are building a community to nurture creativity at the intersection of diverse fields. Fellows create an environment where they support each other create greater impact, and learn and evolve together.

2015 - Present

REVOLUTION Turbine Dynamics LLC

Co-Founded REVOLUTION Turbine Technologies to develop a cutting-edge, clean energy solutions for remote oil and gas (O&G) facilities. Manages company vision and directives, builds strategic partnerships, guides product development and application placement.

1991 – April 2020

Alltec LLC

Founded ALLTEC in 1991 and has developed the company into a global leader of advanced lightning protection technologies. Manages ALLTEC’s business development and branding. Develops and directs the company’s business model, creates strategic partnerships and alliances, determines and communicates the organization’s strategic direction and has developed numerous patented technologies.



Technology Developer 98%
Entrepreneur 100%
Effective Communicator 97%
Strategy, Vision & Mission Planning 98%
Problem Solving 98%


2018 – Present

Emory University - Goizueta Business School

Roberto C. Goizueta Leadership Certificate


University of Louisiana (Lafayette)

Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training

1988 - 1989

University of South Florida

Business Administration & Management

1986 - 1988

St. Petersburg College

Business Administration

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