Mentor in Residence, Christopher Bean, @ The University Of Auckland (NZ)

My Work As Mentor in Residence @ The University of Auckland

Christopher Bean Work As Mentor In Residence @ University of Auckland (NZ)

The primary focus of my work as a mentor in residence at the University of Auckland in New Zealand is helping young people unleash the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship.

After 30 years of firsthand experience and knowledge as a successful serial entrepreneur, I aspire to help and support staff members and students at the University of Auckland through mentorship.

I’m excited to help each student and budding new entrepreneur build the innovative, entrepreneurial mindset, and capabilities they need to transform the world and unleash their true potential.



Mentor in Residence, Christopher Bean, @ The University Of Auckland (NZ)

About the University of Auckland and the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The University of Auckland is committed to developing business savvy, entrepreneurial graduates to ensure New Zealand’s longer-term economic prosperity. Their commitment and expertise were recently recognized when the University of Auckland was named Entrepreneurial University of the Year at the Asia-Pacific Triple E Entrepreneurship and Engagement Excellence Awards in Higher Education.

The Business School’s Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship exists to support all students and staff at the University of Auckland. Whether you have an idea for a social venture, research to commercialize, want to make your mark in industry or start your own business, they have a range of resources to support you. These include free extra-curricular programs, intra-curricular program delivery, workshops, office space, access to funding, mentors, a state-of-the-art maker space and opportunities to connect with like-minded peers who are motivated, curious and wanting to embrace all the world has to offer.

About Mentor in Residence

Mentor in Residence offers the opportunity to have a conversation with a seasoned entrepreneur. Someone who’s been through the highs and lows of creating a start-up, and who can help you with your venture. Many start-ups experience similar challenges, making it all the more important to seek advice and support.




A large part of my work at The University of Auckland (NZ), focuses on:

  • Mentorship to up-and-coming entrepreneurs, start-up owners, founders.
  • Supporting entrepreneurs through their entrepreneurial journey, and providing them with advise and support through my 30-years of experience as a serial entrepreneur.



With Mentor in Residence, Christopher Bean, @ The University Of Auckland (NZ)  

To learn more about my current work as a mentor in residence at The University of Auckland (NZ), or to schedule your free 30-min session if you are a student at the university, you can do so here, or by contacting me through my website at


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