Christopher Bean - ALLTEC - Founder and CEO - Past Project

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Christopher Bean - ALLTEC - Founder and CEO - Past Project

I founded ALLTEC in 1991 out of a deep passion for technology and science. The company rose from humble beginnings, focusing on lightning protection design and contracting services. Four years later, I saw multiple opportunities to develop a number of products that either did not yet exist or had significant deficiencies. Manufacturing soon began, and the company experienced rapid growth. Many of these early technologies and advanced engineering services catered to the wireless telecommunications industry just beginning to emerge, and the company grew into a major provider within the United States.

In the late 90s, I set my sights on the international market and quickly developed a brand presence in Asia. Within two years, ALLTEC had distribution partners in every major Asian country. This global expansion grew to include the Middle East, major African countries, and nearly 70% of Latin America. This growth firmly established ALLTEC as a major player and brand.

Jumping ahead to 2020, ALLTEC has carved out a distinct reputation as a pre-eminent source for advanced solutions, offering the broadest array of products and technologies available. In April 2020, I exited from ALLTEC through an acquisition which has allowed me to dedicate my time to pursuing other ventures and technology development.



ALLTEC is an international company specializing in advanced lightning protection solutions, low resistance grounding/earthing systems, and surge protection devices. A unique differentiator is that ALLTEC offers a deep range of engineering and design solutions that provides its clientele with industry-leading, application-specific solutions. The company offers decades of knowledge and experience, advising on the best methods for risk mitigation and ultimately applying those comprehensively engineered solutions to today’s infrastructure challenges.


Surge Suppression Devices

When clean, uninterrupted power is crucial, ALLTEC’s next-generation surge protection devices are ready to provide the highest level of performance for the safety and reliability of your electrical systems. Its surge protection devices incorporate many industry-leading components, including patented thermally protected MOV technology, some of the most advanced filtering, extremely reliable monitoring, and a commitment to supply the safest SPDs.

Grounding/Earthing & Bonding

Grounding (earthing) and bonding are some of the most important steps in protecting organizations’ critical and costly investments. As this equipment becomes more sophisticated and electrically susceptible, the need for a low-resistance grounding system becomes crucial. It was in response to this requirement that ALLTEC developed the TerraDyne® electrolytic grounding system, TerraFill® low resistivity grounding backfill, TerraWeld® exothermic welding system, and the patented GroundGuardian® active floating roof tank monitoring system

Lightning Protection

A properly installed lightning protection system (LPS) is over 98% effective in preventing damage associated with a lightning strike. An organization can best approach and resolve safety and power quality concerns by utilizing the complete facility framework employed by the solution specialists at ALLTEC. Securing investments, operations, and personnel against direct lightning strikes is critical for any organization. ALLTEC’s TerraStat® Charge Dissipation Terminals, TerraStreamer® Early Streamer Emission Terminals, Lightning Strike Counters, Catenary Systems, and traditional lightning protection components each have their own unique methods of effectively protecting your people and facility from lightning damage and injury.



A large part of my work at ALLTEC focused on:

  • Development and direction of the company’s long-term business model
  • Creating strategic partnerships and alliances
  • Determining and communicating the organization’s strategic direction and balancing resources.


With Technology Developer Christopher Bean

To learn more about my past work at ALLTEC, or for collaboration inquiries on your next technology project, contact me directly via my website here.


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