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The Edmund Hillary Fellowship Fellows (EHF)

My journey leading to my introduction to the Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF) probably started decades ago with my love and deep interest in New Zealand as a country.  New Zealand has earned an impressive reputation as a progressive country that looks after and respects the environment, people, indigenous culture, and history. Known globally as an innovation nation.

It was in 2009 that I made the decision to become more directly connected, and as such began the process of exploring the idea of relocating to NZ.

Jumping ahead to 2017, I began picking up where I left off. My early-stage, clean energy venture, REVOLUTION Turbine Technologies took off and I started exploring various options for long-term relocation to an innovative country to establish a new permanent base of operations and headquarters. 

New Zealand quickly rose to the top of my list, standing out among the rest. NZ provides an exceptional lifestyle, business ecosystem, and world-class technology resources. My mind was made up and I began to research a broad range of organizations and made dozens of business connections. It was during this research that I became aware of the Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF).

EHF was still a relatively new organization at the time. But when I got to know what EHF was all about, namely incubating solutions to global problems to ensure a lasting positive impact on the world, I immediately felt a sense of belonging. My lifelong passion has always been a focus on developing innovative technologies (especially in the clean energy field) to address our energy crisis on a global scale. Through my current venture, REVOLUTION Turbine Technologies (RTT), we are developing a new clean energy solution for providing power in remote locations. RTT’s core technology is a micro-expansion turbine system (mETS) that leverages pressure differential to generate power.

In December of 2017, I was invited to attend a dinner engagement at the New Zealand Ambassador’s residence in Washington D.C. During that evening, EHF was brought up in conversation and I was encouraged to join.  Soon after returning home, I mentioned the Edmund Hillary Fellowship to my business partner and lifelong friend, Leonard Hope. Leonard also felt the same about EHF and its purpose, so we set out to apply as a team with the intention of moving our families and company to New Zealand. In July of 2019, we were accepted into the fellowship with a deep sense of honor. 

‘The rest is history,’ as they say.



EHF Logo (Edmund Hillary Fellowship)


The Edmund Hillary Fellowship’s mission is to incubate solutions to global problems from Aotearoa New Zealand and make a lasting positive impact on the world.

In service of positive transformation, together

We live in extraordinary times. We face urgent global social and environmental challenges that demand thoughtful, systemic solutions. EHF Fellows are leveraging the tools of entrepreneurship to take action for human and planetary wellbeing. The fellowship program creates the space for changemakers to learn and evolve together so we can take stronger collective action in the face of uncertainty. Transformation is our mountain to climb, together.

A global community of changemakers

The scale and complexity of our global challenges are beyond what individuals or organizations are capable of tackling alone. Edmund Hillary Fellows  are working globally in diverse fields, from regenerative agriculture, AR/VR, blockchain, renewable energy, space industry, education, storytelling, and social movements. The community fosters learning and finding solutions to grow the collective potential to create impact.

Incubating global solutions from New Zealand

Aotearoa, New Zealand has proven itself to be a platform for global change. With a proud history of global leadership, from women’s suffrage and being nuclear-free, to giving mountains and rivers the same rights as humans, New Zealand continues to normalize bold visions for what is possible in society. New Zealand offers a great standard of life, natural beauty, deep indigenous wisdom, ease of doing business, an accessible government, and connection to global markets. It is perfectly positioned to be a base camp for a better world.



@ The Edmund Hillary Fellowship

Christopher Bean at Edmund Hlllary Fellowship (EHF) Induction Week

In a world where few first are possible, I was impressed by the many firsts EHF had accomplished in such a short time. From the world’s first and only Global Impact Visa to the New Zealand government’s openness and willingness to accommodate foreign nationalities who had the vision and determination to impact the world for the better.

I’ve met some of the world’s most creative minds through EHF – as well as innovators, social engineers, and investors taking on the worlds’ most complicated problems. I’m humbled yet proud to be among my fellows, and aspire to carry forth the torch of enlightenment, knowledge, and know-how I’ve accumulated after 30-years in a technology business to as many people around the world as possible.



@ The Edmund Hillary Fellowship 

I strongly believe in the power of knowledge. As I so often say, “The power of change lies within the knowledge we gain.”TM It is through the transference of knowledge that we can help others understand how important their daily contributions or inactivity is.

The Edmund Hillary Fellowship has proven to be as we expected, an incredible group of people, each with a deep sense of community, passion, and conviction to make the world a better place. It has been a humbling and inspiring experience and one that has also proven to be life changing for both Leonard and me.

The community spirit at EHF culminates a collaborative, joint mindset that emphasizes the understanding that together we as the human race can find and solve problems on a global scale.


With EHF Fellow Christopher Bean

To learn more about my work at EHF, or for collaboration inquiries on your next project, contact me directly via my website here.


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