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VORTE Cooling Technologies

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During the pandemic of 2020, four Edmund Hillary Fellows came together with an extraordinary clean tech idea. The concept was sparked by Tim Moor, an inventive technology developer with countless patents to his name; along with Leonard Hope, Christopher Bean and Nikko Patten.

The company, VORTE Cooling Technologies, soon formed along with a fifth teammate and subject matter expert, Professor Kiran Devade, who has spent his professional career developing vortex technology.

The first VORTE patent was filed in July 2020. The team is excited about the development of VORTE Cooling TechnologiesTM and the possibilities the technology holds for a wide range of applications.

VORTE Cooling Technologies


VORTE‘s vision is to mitigate the human impact on climate change, helping both the environment and future generations by introducing a platform technology that is run from just compressed air. This type of technology will replace traditional cooling, freezing, and heating applications.

No traditional refrigeration cycle is involved when using VORTE Cooling TechnologiesTM, meaning there is no environmental impact.  There are also zero emissions beyond air, meaning it is carbon negative.

The VORTE system can be adapted for both portable and fixed application uses, and can be a very simple system, powered manually. This would be of incredible use for the third world, or, for systems that have built-in temperature monitoring, on demand servicing, and regulation capability.

Typical temperature capability ranges from -26⁰C to +135⁰C achieving consistent and repeatable temperatures within +/- 0.6⁰C. The Vorte system offers both cold and hot temperatures from the same component at the same time.

Vorte’s technology represents a significant advancement in energy efficient heating and cooling. Example applications include CPU component cooling, portable cooler boxes and refrigerators, dairy milk cooling, beverage refrigeration, temperature-controlled freight containers, produce preservation including fish or heated food delivery services.


  • Dairy
  • CPU/GPU Cooling
  • Agritech
  • Medicine & Vaccine Cooling
  • Medical Uses
  • Others

Top Features

  • Fast temperature drop with a possible range that averages between -26⁰C to +135⁰C
  • Zero emissions.
  • Zero use of water.
  • Zero use of traditional refrigerants.
  • No moving parts and simple system design.
  • Little to no maintenance other than changing air filters.
  • Both cold and hot temperatures are generated from the same component at the same time.



My work with VORTE is focused around technology ideation, identifying application and commercial opportunities, and early-stage financial forecasting



I’m ever thankful for being part of the Edmund Hillary Fellowship. It is through EHF that I met Tim and Nikko. Over the course of the 2020 we’ve assembled an awesome team. Another fantastic example of what EHF is intended to be; getting people together who are like-minded and equally passionate about developing technologies with global impact to help our planet.


With Clean Energy Developer Christopher Bean

To learn more about my work at VORTE, or for collaboration inquiries on your next clean energy technology project, contact me directly via my website here.


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