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Through deep connections with my former venture, ALLTEC, I was introduced to the initial iteration of the base technology, and immediately saw the future potential that it represented. I knew it would radically improve an overlooked and outdated segment of remote power generation. 

After extensive research and lengthy negotiations, I acquired the family of patents covering the core turbine technology. The original owner of the patents developed an early version of the technology that was positively received by several major oil and gas companies. Following the acquisition of the patents, a global Fortune 100 oil and gas company approached me about developing an improved version of the technology. RTT executed a joint development agreement and setoff to begin re-developing and enhancing the core technology.


REVOLUTION Turbine Technologies (RTT) is an early-stage company developing a disruptive, clean energy solution for providing power in remote locations. RTT’s core technology is a micro-expansion turbine system (mETS) that leverages pressure differential to generate power without combustion.


The mETS system has been designed and engineered to address a number of pain-points felt by the O&G industry, specifically on unmanned, offshore oil production platforms. The incumbent power generation solutions for these environments include thermo-electric generators (TEGs), which are not scalable, a huge source of CO2 emissions, and are inherently unreliable. 

RTT’s technology provides platform operators with a scalable power solution beginning at 1kW that can be sized to accommodate a large range of power demands. In addition, the mETS system is ‘smart’ in that it provides complete remote connectivity, load sharing, and instantaneous adjustments, safety interlocks, and redundancy. All without any combustion of harmful fuels.

A typical mETS skid includes:

  • one to four turbines generating 1kw each;
  • a flow control valve (FCV) at the input to each turbine;
  • power conversion electronics;
  • and a control system.

In operation on a remote platform, gas from an existing gas lift system is piped to the flow control valves of the mETS. The mETS control system can open or close the FCVs to control the amount of pressurized gas entering each turbine.

Pressurized gas expands across the blades of the turbines, thereby causing the turbine rotors to spin and generate power.  The power conversion electronics provide power to the load. Gas exiting each turbine is then returned to the gas lift system.  No gas is burned or vented during this process.


@ REVOLUTION Turbine Technologies 

I have developed extensive experience and relationships in the oil and gas community over my career, and have a high degree of passion for developing and commercializing breakthrough technologies. 



@ The REVOLUTION Turbine Technologies 

RTT was founded by Christopher Bean and Leonard Hope, both of whom are serial entrepreneurs with extensive experience starting, managing, and growing technology-oriented businesses.

Leonard, a US patent attorney with more than 20 years’ experience assisting startup companies grow to FORTUNE 50 companies (such as MICROSOFT and AMAZON), and capitalize on their investment in innovation.  Chris and Leonard are both Edmund Hillary Fellows.



With Clean Energy Developer Christopher Bean

To learn more about my work at RTT, or for collaboration inquiries on your next clean energy technology project, contact me directly via my website here.


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